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Molda Services is collaborating with DeltaBid in providing procurement solutions in your demanding business.  We offer both, consultancy and operation for your procurement activities by using E-Tendering or E-Sourcing Software to expedite your procurement operation to replace inefficient traditional methods – Newspaper advertising,  Excel and Email tendering with a standardized, transparent procurement process that’s easy for both buyers and suppliers. This time-saving e-tendering software streamlines procurement and provides a clear overview of the entire process.

What is e-tendering software?

E-tendering software is a tool that helps run tenders and requests for proposals more efficiently than email, fax or phone. It helps compose and publish tenders, communicate with suppliers, evaluate bids and select the best vendor. E-tendering software is of great value to both the management team and procurement professionals.

What benefits can you expect from an online tendering solution?

E-tendering software gives you more control over your tenders by providing a clear overview of all actions, which both reduces manual labor and helps teams collaborate. Receiving bids, messages and vendors’ questionnaire answers all in one, ready-to-be-evaluated format saves teams time and makes the entire process more transparent.

Why is electronic tendering great?

Replacing email and Excel tendering with modern e-tendering software will save you time and provide you with all your tendering information in one, ready-to-use format. A clear overview of your processes helps to identify ways to save on company costs. A streamlined tendering process reduces maverick spending by giving you more control over the process, from start to finish.


Why companies all over the world love DeltaBid

  • Saves 25-40% more time compared to email
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Customizable to meet your procurement workflow
  • Great tendering analytic features
  • Allows you to collaborate and share information instantly
  • Assigns tenders to different team members, encouraging collaboration
  • Streamlined process reduces maverick spending
  • Easily works with Excel lists of items

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DeltaBid is used from small companies to big enterprises

Vox Supply Chain


time efficiency

Vox Supply Chain

Vox operates as an outsourced supply chain service provider. It has clients in 30 countries and a large portfolio of suppliers. The company spends at least 25% less time on items procured via DeltaBid. Suppliers found the system easy to use and supplier participation has increased.

AS Gaasivõrgud

$400 000

cost savings in a short time


AS Gaasivõrgud, Estonian Gas distribution network operator, manages the construction and maintenance of all gas supply systems in Estonia. Using DeltaBid, the company reduced its yearly procurement budget by 5%, a total of $400,000. Supplier participation has increased. Gaasivõrgud now uses DeltaBid for all tenders.


better overview of procurement

ABB Baltics

ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies. DeltaBid has given the company a better overview and reduced the time spent on strategic procurement. All their procurement information is now in one place and easy to manage.

Other satisfied customers include

Eltel Networks
Estonian Air
Olympic Casino

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