Sourcing & Procurement Services

Molda Services either can be a procurement services provider or can be a supplier to your sourcing needs. Its mean, we provide expertise in Sourcing & Procurement Execution. Simply outsource your procurement function with us – and we can be an extension of your current team, be it long-term or short-term.

Molda Services is focused on increasing addressed spend and savings by accelerating transactional and template-driven sourcing projects to eliminate bottlenecks and improve the internal reach and impact of strategic sourcing organizations.

Together with our partner, DeltaBid, and others. We strongly believe to manage your projects or request efficiently to save value.

Deltabid has an outstanding achievement in term of providing procurement software which has help lots of their customers in saving their time and cost for their procurement activities.

For most companies, procurement is still a labor intensive process. Buyers and suppliers all want the same thing — a better way to get their jobs done.

Most procurement management solutions are cumbersome and difficult to use, while sales gets all the good stuff and is supported by tools like a Customer Resource Management (CRM), procurement is mired in paperwork and bureaucracy and the tools to manage it are laborious email and clunky Excel programs.

Procurement Management is a key factor to run a successful company because it helps you meet business goals and live up to stakeholders’ expectations. – Deltabid

Why Use a Procurement Service Provider?

At most organizations, it is very costly and difficult to maintain domain expertise in every category of spend. Using a PSP avoids the burdens of procurement infrastructure for non-strategic categories. A Procurement Service Provider can provide a rapid analysis of an organization’s spend, negotiate with suppliers, manage supplier implementations and proven industry best practices. A good PSP will become an extension of the organization’s existing procurement resources, in a non-obtrusive fashion.

Collaborate, Innovate, Achieve

Molda Services helps clients reach more spend to put under management, increase effectiveness to drive more savings, and improve efficiencies to reduce procurement cost per dollar spent. And, we work with clients to go beyond the expected – to deliver, achieve, and drive more value.

So, we will listen to you to understand your priorities and collaborate with you to maximize value.

Molda Services will help you:

  • Grow your strategic role in the enterprise
  • Optimize operations, from strategy to tactical execution
  • Drive more value and exceed expectations


  • Removes resource and process bottlenecks
  • Provides scalable execution capabilities
  • Optimizes cost of resources
  • Improves reach – spend under management
  • Provides one unified, centralized voice to talk to the organization
  • Simplifies the engagement model
  • Allows category managers to focus on strategic activities and drive more savings