Website & Apps Development

We build and develop  simple and user friendly website and mobile App that can help you grow your business.

Stage 1 – Need Analysis
In this stage, we perform need assessment. After gather client requirements, we will document down the project scope and definition.

Stage 2 –Develop
We will start develop the website according to the specification laid out in the project scope and definition doc.

Stage 3 – Testing
After development done, we will invite customer to test the completed website that hosted temporarily on our demo server.

Stage 4 – Go Live
Once customer signed off the project, we will upload and deploy the completed project on production server and ready to go live.

Stage 5 – Maintenance
We also provide content update and maintenance services to our customer who need to update their website off and on. Additionally, we can also do knowledge transfer on how to maintain and update the website to our customer to update the website themselves..